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Can’t think of the name of the yōkai you are looking for? You can browse yōkai by specific categories to narrow down your search.

Note that these category pages are not completely inclusive or exclusive. Because of the cryptic nature of yōkai, they are very difficult to categorize. It would be impossible to list every single yōkai related to any one category. Instead, yōkai pages are only placed in categories when there is a significant relationship between the two. If you have any questions or comments, use this feedback form.

Yōkai by Prefecture

Yōkai found in all prefectures of Japan
Yōkai originating in China
Yōkai originating in India

Animal Yōkai

baboon badger bat bird cat cephalopod chicken clam cow crab crocodile crustacean deer dog eel fish fox frog gecko horse insect lion lobster monkey octopus otter ox rat shark shrimp snake sparrow spider squirrel tanuki tapir tiger toad turtle weasel whale wolf

Yōkai Related to Objects

backscratcher broom cart clothing door grater musical instrument biwa gong koto shamisen pillar pillow umbrella wall wheel

Yōkai by Habitat

aquatic attic beach bridge building house mountain red light district shrine temple

Yōkai by Related Keywords

blind blue butt child chimera corpse curse disease dragon dropping drought emperor faceless familiar filth flying food (alcohol azuki sake salt tofugiant good luck grave grudge hairy head holy hungry ice kozō laugh magic (onmyōdōmany eyes money moon mother New Years nocturnal oil old one eye one leg prankster pregnancy priest princess prostitute rain red rock shadow shape-changer skeleton snow sound sutra telepathy theater toilet tree vampiric warrior weather well winter woman wordplay zato zombie object

Yōkai with Religious Context

Ainu religion Buddhism Kōshin Shintō Taoism

Yōkai by Type

all yōkai kaii (strange phenomenon) kaika (strange fire) hinotama (fireball) kami (divine spirit) legendary person oni sacred beast tengu tsukimono tsukumogami urban legend yūrei

Yōkai Found in My Books

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