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Taibyō no kesshaku


Translation: terrible disease blood shaku (a type of infection)
Alternate names: kesshaku, chishaku
Habitat: the stomach
Diet: blood

Appearance: This yōkai infects hosts after they have suffered from a terrible sickness. It’s body is shaped like a flexible bulb. It has flippers and a broad tail which help it swim about the stomach. Its head it shaped like a hammer, and it uses it to smash through the stomach wall and enter the heart, where it feeds off of its host’s blood.

Interactions: A person infected with a taibyō no kesshaku becomes pale, with thin and emaciated cheeks. The victim’s entire body becomes weak and worn out. This infection can be cured by vomiting up the taibyō no kesshaku and sprinkling it with shukusha (medicine made from black cardamom seed). When a taibyō no kesshaku is smashed, its body rips open and an enormous blood clot is released.

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