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Translation: lung shaku (a type of infection)
Alternate names: sokuhon
Habitat: the lungs

Appearance: Haishaku originates under the right armpit and gradually migrates into the lungs. It grows from a smaller larval form into a large, white, lumpy shape that envelops the lungs and causes sickness. Its nose opens directly into the lugs, so it is extremely sensitive to smells.

Interactions: People infected with haishaku develop smooth, white skin. They begin to dislike strong smells, whether good or bad, and instead prefer raw, fishy smells. They prefer spicy foods over bland ones. They also commonly become pessimistic and depressed. Because the haishaku is shaped like a cloud, their hearts too become cloudy and subdued. Tears will also flow like rain.

Haishaku infections can be treated with very gentle and shallow acupuncture. Anything stronger than that will be too painful for the victim.

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