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Translation: spleen shu (a type of infection)
Habitat: the spleen

Appearance: Hinoshu is microbial yōkai with a lumpy, boulder-like appearance and an extremely large mouth. It infects the spleen.

Interactions: Hinoshu attacks occur when its host is relaxing outside, and when the host is among a crowd of people. It rolls about inside the body, bruising every part and causing a lot of pain. The victim feels as if he has fallen from a height onto an enormous boulder. Viewing beautiful rocks, such as in a zen garden, causes this infection to act up much more strongly, as the hinoshu becomes excited at all of the beautiful rocks.

When an infection takes this form, it becomes very difficult to recover from this illness.  Traditionally, acupuncture is used to treat it, however the treatment is too complicated to learn in a book. It must be learned orally, from someone who has treated a hinoshu before.

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