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Translation: spleen shaku (a type of infection)
Alternate names: hiki
Habitat: near the belly button

Appearance: Hishaku is a microbe which lives near the belly button and infects the spleen. It has a fuzzy, yellowish, wolf-like body and a long red tongue. It has no legs. A large red pentagon-like shape appears on the hishaku’s side; this is a representation of the belly button.

Interactions: Hishaku mainly infect women. They cause in their hosts an extreme fondness for sweets, as well as a yellow tinge in the face. Hishaku hosts tend to hum non-stop. They can cause extremely heavy menstrual bleeding as well as irregular vaginal discharge. Women infected this way have difficulty getting out of bed. Hishaku infections are most likely to occur during the changing of the seasons. This is because hishaku are related to the element of earth in Chinese element theory, and those days are also closely related to the element of earth.

Hishaku can be treated with acupuncture in an area about one centimeter around the belly button. The techniques for this treatment are only passed down orally.

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