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Translation: one-eyed muraji
Alternate names: Hitotsume Ryū, Hitotsume Muraji, Tado Gongen
Habitat: Mount Tado

Appearance: Ichimokuren is a one-eyed ryūjin–or dragon god–with the ability to control the weather. He appears as a giant serpent with a either single eye in the middle of his face or one good eye and one destroyed eye. He is also sometimes depicted as a single floating eye in the sky, surrounded by winds and rain.

Behavior: Ichimokuren spends most of his time on Mount Tado wandering around in the form of a hinotama–a floating ball of fire. When he leaves his shrine, black thunder clouds skirt the top of rooftops, and heavy rains fall and winds blow all around. These can swell into powerful storms which cover land and sea. His storms are powerful enough to topple trees and break boulders, fling people into the air, knock down houses, and capsize boats.

Origin: Long ago when clouds formed around Mount Tado, locals believed that Ichimokuren was moving about and grew fearful of the damage he might do. In order to pacify him and minimize destruction, he was enshrined in Tado Taisha as an incarnation of a one-eyed Shintō deity of blacksmithing, Amenomahitotsu no kami. His shrine was built with no door in order to allow him to come and go as he pleases.

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