Welcome to Yokai.com, an illustrated database of Japanese yokai.

Within these pages you’ll find an ever-growing collection of yokai and yokai legends from all parts of Japan and all periods of Japanese history. Some of them have never appeared in English before, while others will be intimately familiar to fans of Japanese folklore. They have been collected from books, from the internet, and by word of mouth from yokai lovers who remember the tales from their childhoods. The illustrations accompanying each yokai are based on written descriptions or on Edo-period illustrations painted on scrolls hundreds of years ago.

New Kickstarter

This October, support yokai.com on Kickstarter for our launch of The Book of the Hakutaku, the third volume in my yokai encyclopedia series. The Book of the Hakutaku reads perfectly well as a stand alone book, so even if you haven’t read The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons or The Hour of Meeting Evil Spirits, you can still enjoy The Book of the Hakutaku. The Kickstarter will run from October 1st through 31st. You will also be able to get Kickstarter-only collectors edition hardcovers of the book, as well as art prints, postcards, and yokai apparel. Click here to visit the Kickstarter project.

Yōkai Finder

Are you trying to find a specific yokai but you can’t remember its name? Visit the Yōkai Finder. While not exact, and not exhaustive, it can help you find yokai by various traits, categories, shapes, prefecture, etc., organized in post tags. It should make it much easier to search for the spirits you are looking for, and it’s another fun way to browse the site by category. Special thanks to my Patreon backers who made the Yokai Finder possible with their support!

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A Patreon project to create more yokai has just been launched at patreon.com/osarusan. Throughout the Patreon project, a few new yokai will painted, translated, and uploaded up to yokai.com, free for everyone to read. Backers will get regular yokai updates with new yokai posts and illustrations during this project, exactly like with the past Kickstarters, and like during A-Yokai-A-Day. There are a number of small rewards at the various patron levels, too. To get regular yokai updates, you can sign up at patreon.com/osarusan.

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